Lucrative Careers In Technology

If you are looking to establish a long-term, high paying career, you should look in the direction of information or digital technologies. Since we live in an ever evolving digital age, it is no wonder why those that specialize in these technologies are so badly wanted by the biggest and most powerful companies and corporations in the world. According to the latest studies, tech jobs will grow almost 25% by 2023, which is much faster than for all other types of occupations.

Therefore, if you want to ensure yours and your family’s future, you should pay attention to some of the following lucrative careers in technology, whether it is digital or informational.

Lucrative tech careers

Software engineering


The role of a software engineer is to research, develop, and maintain all kinds of software systems and applications. These need to be fully responsive to the user’s needs and highly capable of handling highly complex, logical operations as well as structural thinking. In order to become a software engineer, you will have to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science. It will also require you to possess exceptional communication and problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. A high-paying job in software engineering can easily net you more than $100.000 annually.

Digital strategist

The main role of a digital strategist is to collaborate with other members of the team, in order to establish long term goals and strategies of a certain brand. Their job is to come up with the most effective strategies, and the methods with which these strategies will be implemented. If you are someone who revels in collaborating with other people and innovating, this career is definitely for you. More often than not, digital strategist will work with sales and marketing teams, in order to come up with increasingly more efficient solutions and strategies. To become one, you need to excel at a variety of digital and tech skills, which mostly include email marketing, online advertising, and social networking.

AI development

This groundbreaking tech field mainly focuses on researching and developing complex programs and algorithms that enable computers to grow and learn on their own. To become an AI engineer, you will have to possess exceptional knowledge of computer technologies and mastery of statistical programming. In general, machine and computer learning are invaluable for profitable big data manipulation.

Data modeling

If you have strong mathematics skills and you love to solve equations and work with numbers, you should consider pursuing a career in data modeling. The job of a data modeler involves using applied mathematics with the aim of creating vast database systems and enhancing the data transfers between these systems. To be successful in this line of work, you need to be capable of basically visualizing the numbers via charts or graphs, so as to analyze all kinds of data. In some cases, this job is also known as data architecture, as modelers construct data archival and storage systems.

Mechanical engineering

If you consider yourself to be a highly intelligent and creative individual, you may want to consider researching the exciting field of mechanical engineering. These days, almost all contractors and architects rely on mechanical engineers to ensure their construction plans are efficient and safe with the help of computer software. Additionally, these engineers are also tasked with maintaining public setting technology, such as ATM machines or traffic light computers.