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Electric scooter for kids – ultimate buying guide

Are you planning to buy an electric scooter as a gift your child? Nowadays, there are several models and makes of electric scooter for kids available on the market. Therefore, it is difficult to narrow down your options and select the right one. You need to know why electric scooters are better as compared to the manual ones. Also, should you buy a sit-down or stand-up scooter? Moreover, other things such as size, age, and control are vital things one should consider when going for shopping.

Tips for choosing an electric scooter


g3erdf6hge7du822j2The majority of companies which manufacture electric scooters and other mobility equipment recommend that they should be used by children who are above eight years. This is quite important for the safety of your child. This is because a young child is likely to find it difficult to control an electric scooter even if it is small and lightweight. This means that there is a huge potential for the occurrence of accidents.


Even when your child is more than eight years, you need to check both local and state laws before purchasing an electric scooter. Different states have various laws that guide on age limits for using a scooter. Also, some towns have set their age limits, and some can be as high as 14 years. Remember that there can be local restrictions on any person who rides an electric scooter that even make no sense of owning one. In fact, some towns do not allow types of scooters on bike paths, sidewalks, and roads.

Weight of your child

tgb23werdfve8fdjik22This is another important thing you ought to consider. Although the electric scooter may be available in a broad range of models, which handle various weight ranges, you will need to buy a scooter, which is large enough without going overboard. For instance, if you want a stand-on scooter, and your weighs 70 pounds, you should buy a model with a capacity of 100 pounds.


When it comes to the safety of your child, there is nothing to compromise about. As the child grows, a large scooter may be something that one can continue using. However, scooters, which have large weight capacities are quite heavy and can be difficult to control. If the child has balancing problems, then you will need to choose a large scooter. The fact that they are made to accommodate a lot of weight means that they have a wide deck, which offers more balance and stability.